• Belgium

    BELGIUM: Business is our legal duty, service is moral duty.

  • Germany

    GERMANY: Bringing back home your money.

  • Czech Republic

    CZECH REPUBLIC: Exacting of claims in the Czech Republic

  • Spain

    SPAIN: Debt Recovery in Spain

  • Ukraine

    UKRAINE: Debt Collection in Ukraine

  • Lithuania

    LITHUANIA: Debt Recovery in Lithuania

  • Netherlands

    NETHERLANDS: Debt collection specialists and court bailiffs: GGN has them all in-house.

  • Serbia

    SERBIA: Legally Progressive

  • Scotland

    SCOTLAND: Walker Love is a firm of Messenger-at-Arms and Sheriff Officers

  • Bulgaria

    BULGARIA: Lukov, Gorchev & Daskalov, private enforcement officers

  • Switzerland

    SWITZERLAND: Commercial procedures, debtor management and debt collection.

  • Estonia

    ESTONIA: Elin Vilippus Enforcement Office

  • England & Wales

    ENGLAND & WALES: For all your European Collection and Enforcement needs

  • Italy

    ITALY: Debt Collection in Italy

  • Ireland

    IRELAND: Debts in Europe? Looking for a reliable Agent? Look no further!

  • France

    FRANCE: Leximpact is a French network of bailiffs, consisting of 110 colleagues.


European Collection & Enforcement Network
About Us
About Us CONNEXX is a European Debt Collection and Enforcement Network that was founded on 8th October 2012 in Stuttgart (Germany).
Board Member Profiles
Board Member Profiles Our partners are from thirteen European countries that are committed to looking after the mutual debt recoveries of you and your clients.
What we Offer
What we Offer Connexx is a collaboration between different European partners who are all specialised in collecting outstanding debts, in their respective countries.
Countries We have a broad network of legal professionals who work together with international Judicial Officers, lawyers and collection agencies.

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