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Morgan Matile - Treasurer

Morgan MatileMorgan commenced his enforcement career in February 2009 as a Swiss appointed government bailiff in Switzerland’s 3rd largest debt collection office - the canton of Neuchâtel. He has ascended the ranks with an initial promotion in 2013 to the position of managing the seizure sector.

A second promotion followed in 2016 as the deputy office manager who was responsible for all of the cantons seizure sectors. A critical and responsible position in assisting the wheels of commerce to turn. In 2017 Morgan obtained the most important certification in the field of Swiss debt collection, that of a specialist in debt collection and bankruptcy with a Federal Diploma of Professional Education and Training.

In January 2018, he joined the Burkhalter & Associés team as a Swiss lawyer and was in charge of debt collection and the commercial proceedings throughout Switzerland. In June 2019, he became the managing partner of Burkhalter & Associés with the distinct ambition of expanding the firms' activities in Switzerland but also throughout Europe by joining the Connexx network.

Through the Connexx network and the professionalism of its members, jurisdictional borders are no longer an insurmountable barrier for people wishing to collect their unpaid debts where the debtor has moved to a different country. Being appointed as the treasurer of Connexx and the involvement within the Connexx committee is, therefore, not only a logical follow-up to the objectives set by Morgan but puts him at the very heart of the network.

Geoffrey Gallé - Vice President

Geoffrey GalléI embarked on my enforcement career in June 2004 as an assistant judicial officer to the firm of ‘Funk & Biel’ based in Luxembourg. That was an excellent platform for me to study the profession.

In December 2006 I received my appointment as an Authorized Judicial Officer, and on the 1st January 2007 my partner and I formed the office of Biel & Gallé. I recall, we had four employees and servicing around 6,000 documents per year.

As of today, we have increased our staffing levels to 9 employees and serving around 12,000 documents per annum. Luxemburg is a small country with a first-class regulatory system that enables our firm to give a personal service to our clients, but also gives me the time to devote to my Connexx Board duties. My passion is for service delivery, family, carving, gardening, cooking, and discovering new wines.

Connexx, for me, is a network that has professional partners in 18 different countries, all undertaking the function of debt collection and the execution of judgments. Connexx covers the existing “Information Gap” on procedures, requirements, competencies, costs, from one country to another.

The fact that we know each other quite well and can communicate on the different procedures allows us to give the best advice to our clients.

I am looking forward to the challenge ahead in my new role as Vice – President and promoting further an already robust network.

Todor Lukov - General Secretary

Todor LukovTodor Lukov is a judicial officer based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He holds a Master’s degree in Law (Juris Doctor equivalent) from the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Sofia, Bulgaria. Tudor began his career in a US business consulting franchise – Arthur Andersen” Ltd in Sofia.

He served as a regional court Judge in Plovdiv and later held a managerial position in a trading company in the US. His multi-faceted career in law and business provided him with the much needed professional insight for the newly established profession of a Judicial Enforcement Officer in Bulgaria.

Todor is a co-founder and managing partner of Lukov, Gorchev & Daskalov”, Private Enforcement Officers” – a professional partnership of certified enforcement officers. Since 2006 he has been sharing the Bulgarian experience in enforcement of legal titles at multiple professional forums and business ventures.

Damir Šite - President

Damir ŠiteDamir is a 2009 graduate of the Belgrade Law Faculty where he earned his law degree. He initially started his law carrier at a Serbian credit union financial cooperative, gradually moving from a law intern to its general counsel, overseeing a legal department with a predominant in-house debt collection unit.

In May 2012, when Serbian legislature introduced private enforcement officers for the first time in its history, Damir was among the initial 39 private enforcement officers nominated by the Serbian Minister of Justice, choosing the North-Serbian High and Commercial Courts judicial areas as his territorial jurisdiction.

In this short period of time Damir has established a well-organized Office, with a number of law graduates on staff, whose predominant characteristic is swift and cost-effective debt collection, with a success rate of 70% at the end of 2013.

Damir’s civil and commercial enforcement law practice is regarded by his clients, the Ministry of Justice and his colleagues as an example of good practice. Damir is also involved in law and legal English training.

Martin Leyshon - Technical Director

Martin LeyshonMartin started his enforcement career in 1989 during the Thatcher wars of the Poll Tax uprising. He very quickly became an appointed Sheriffs' Officer for numerous counties including Nottinghamshire.

He has tirelessly served the Civil Court Justice system in many areas. One such area of expertise that Martin has specialised in since 1995 is through the safe extraction of environmental protestors from their tree top homes and underground tunnels by forming the National Eviction Team.

He was a founding member of the Sheriffs' National Campaign following the Woolf report and the implications for Sheriffs' with the introduction of the Fast Track System.

He was appointed as an Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer in March 2004. Martin has served on the Board of Directors of the High Court Enforcement Officers Association formerly known as the Sheriffs Officers Association.

He currently serves as the chairman of the High Court Enforcement Officers Association having served for two years as the vice chairman. He is also a Group Director of High Court Enforcement Group.