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"CONNEXX", is a European Debt Collection and Enforcement Network that was founded on 8th October 2012 in Stuttgart (Germany).

ConnexxOur partners are from thirteen European countries that are committed to looking after the mutual debt recoveries of you and your clients in a professional, and legal way, our network partners will only operate within the legal framework of their individual jurisdiction.
So if you do have debts that need collecting or enforcing in any of our listed countries, please click on the countries link to obtain a better understanding of what our partners are able to offer and how they operate.

Because of the unique relationship that we have developed since our inception you are advised to issue instructions to the Connexx partner of your country who will coordinate the collection process on your behalf. In addition Connexx members have agreed normal discounted rates and fees on your behalf.

Within our members area we have an upload and download facility that will speed up the process of sending and receiving files to each member, so that files are never lost, and can be tracked for your benefit.

Before you ask? Connexx are actively looking for suitable partners in the following countries such as Spain, Italy, and Greece, although, we intend to widen our network to other countries this year.

Choose Countries for more information of the following countries:

For more information please contact us at

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