How much does this all cost?
For amicable debt collection and enforcement, each country has slightly different laws, and slightly different charges, therefore in all aspects of your instructions we would advise you to ask your Connexx Partner to obtain agreed costs on your behalf in the first instance.

Can you enforce a Judgment that I have obtained in England against someone in France?
The simple answer is yes, our partners in France would prefer to receive a European Enforcement Order (EEO) under article Regulation (EC) No 805/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of Europe 21 April 2004, which gives them far greater powers than if it was just for amicable debt collection. However, they like a number of other members would welcome your debt collection files.

Can I instruct a Connexx Partner directly?
Our Articles of the Association Network discourages this practise because it dilutes the strength of Connexx and its members, then of course there are language difficulties and understanding complex European Law and how it functions in other countries. Connexx Partners are encouraged not to step outside the guidelines of its internal regulations. 

Why are there no Connexx Partners in every European Country?
That is a very good question, we are working on it, at our last General Assembly in Prague we admitted Slovakia as a full member, there are however a number of other Countries that we have targeted for membership, however we need to ensure that it is the right partner for our network.

Are you already passing work to other Countries?
Yes we are, and with a great deal of success, however the more information we can receive about the debtor at the outset the better chance of recovery we have.

If I am unhappy about anyone of your members can I make a complaint?
Yes you can, within the Articles of the Association Network we have an internal Complaints Procedure that is designed to encourage you to resolve your complaint in an amicable way before we become involved.

If I instruct a member through the Connexx Website will I have a contract with Connexx?
No, your contract will be with the member who you have instructed within your Country who will in turn have a contract with the Connexx partner.

Why do Connexx members have different pricing structures for different judicial activities?
As we said each Country is unique and each Judicial System may have similarities, however, they are all very different, for example in England and Wales the debtor pays, however in France the Creditor pays. There are fixed fees that are laid down in statute and cannot be overcome, and this is perhaps the single reason why fees differ between Connexx members.

Are all Connexx members Judicial Officers?
No, every country is different, however, because of the experience of a Judicial Officer or High Court Enforcement Officer (in England and Wales) when selecting a Country to become a partner we would firstly look at their enforcement and Judicial system, an example of this would be Germany, all Bailiffs are employed by the Government, therefore we will then look at a Law firm who specialises in debt recovery, failing that we would consider a debt recovery company.
Currently we have a mix of Judicial Officers and Lawyers.

What challenges have you had in setting up Connexx? 
The initial challenges was our early meetings that were held in English and French, we had professional interpreters in attendance at a great cost to the members, however, during one of our General Assembly meetings we decided to hold all future meetings in English. That is one of the many challenges we have had in setting up this network.

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