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ConnexxConnexx is a collaboration between different European partners who are all specialised in collecting outstanding debts, in their respective countries.

Connexx is a “quality trademark” that guaranties the processing of your cases within other countries in Europe, contacting your debtors in a correct manner, swiftly carrying out your cases and obeying the laws, this is possible through a vast network of local Judicial Enforcement Officers and other competent partners.

Connexx’s main goal is to collect your outstanding debts as efficiently as possible, while centralising the process, together with a pre-legal and legal obligation.

The Network will accomplish its goals via the commitment of its members in an extensive partnership and a unified working method, to ensure that clients will be provided with an optimal, well organised service and with the best treatment of their debt-claim. All members have committed themselves to promote the activities and possibilities of the Network.

So if you have outstanding debts in any of our countries listed please get in touch immediately with the Connexx member of your country, and put the P back into profit.

You can obtain their contact details by just clicking on the Countries link.

Or for more information please contact us at

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