Board Members

Geoffrey Gallé - Vice President

Geoffrey GalléI embarked on my enforcement career in June 2004 as an assistant judicial officer to the firm of ‘Funk & Biel’ based in Luxembourg. That was an excellent platform for me to study the profession.

In December 2006 I received my appointment as an Authorized Judicial Officer, and on the 1st January 2007 my partner and I formed the office of Biel & Gallé. I recall, we had four employees and servicing around 6,000 documents per year.

As of today, we have increased our staffing levels to 9 employees and serving around 12,000 documents per annum. Luxemburg is a small country with a first-class regulatory system that enables our firm to give a personal service to our clients, but also gives me the time to devote to my Connexx Board duties. My passion is for service delivery, family, carving, gardening, cooking, and discovering new wines.

Connexx, for me, is a network that has professional partners in 18 different countries, all undertaking the function of debt collection and the execution of judgments. Connexx covers the existing “Information Gap” on procedures, requirements, competencies, costs, from one country to another.

The fact that we know each other quite well and can communicate on the different procedures allows us to give the best advice to our clients.

I am looking forward to the challenge ahead in my new role as Vice – President and promoting further an already robust network.