Connexx Members Guests at an International Conference

Connexx is pleased to announce that its members will participate at an International conference on collecting outstanding cross-border debts in commercial transactions in Europe that will take place in Belgrade on March 23, 2018.

The Conference is organized by the Serbian Chamber of Judicial Officers and the Belgrade State University Faculty of Law.

The Belgrade International Enforcement Conference 2018 is aimed at addressing the topic - of how Serbian business can enforce their matured outstanding debts in various European jurisdictions.

Following the welcoming remarks by the organizers and a lecture given by Nikola Bodiroga PhD, Belgrade Law Faculty professor on the topic of Cross-border enforcement in Europe, Connexx members are invited to take an active part in an open discussion and a special Q&A session.

During the open discussion session, representatives of the Serbian business community will have a chance to enquire from Connexx members how to enforce their claims throughout Europe based on their experience in cross-border enforcement in Europe.

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